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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Fearenstein Monster Attacks His Master

While the smoke, dust and ash was still settling from the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the Bush Administration's mad political scientist, Karl Rove, retreated deep into his undisclosed laboratory and began to create his dream; the pinnacle of his life's work...the ultimate political monster.

Working in the dead of night not unlike the witches from MacBeth, he concocted his monster from a powerful mixture of stolen parts of the body politic: a yellow belly, a lilied liver, trembling hands, rubber legs, lying eyes, and, worst of all, the heart of darkness.

He programmed his monster to listen to only his voice and vowed then and there that this creation would become the power behind his plans.

And the mad scientist succeeded in creating his alter-ego, Fearenstein.

Karl began slowly, testing the political waters to see how much power his creation wielded. It didn't take long for him to discover that Fearenstein was everything he had wished he would be. He quickly learned that the mere mention of his monster's name, would transform the usually skeptical press and combative political opposition into mush.

Challenges were dismissed with a simple elevation of the threat level. Fearenstein! Questions of policy were easily wiped away with accusations of treason. Fearenstein! The economy? Fearenstein! Taxes cuts for the wealthy? Fearenstein! Skyrocketing Defense Spending? Fearenstein! Deficts? Incompetence? Cronyism? Fearenstein! Fearenstein! Fearenstein! And the ultimate test, a war of aggression against a sovereign nation, rich with oil reserves, that posed no threat and had never attacked the United States? Fearenstein.

Witnessing his wild success, the monster was let loose to freely roam and everywhere he went he left behind a wake of mistrust and terror, and the people trembled and, looking for comfort, embraced the worst of their own natures. Division, hate, prejudice, greed, accusation....

And Karl said, "It is good."

BUT...Fearenstein, it seems, had a mind of his own, after all. He began to NOT listen to Karl alone, and when Karl's administration reached too far, and attempted to to grab at the brass ring by selling US ports and security to their Middle East, Carlyle friends, the Fear Fearenstein created in the masses turned and is now threatening to eat its maker.

Beware the power of fear, for, As Karl is now learning, it has no master.

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