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Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Shooting Story: Metaphor Is Just Too Perfect

The Cheney Shoots Hunting Partner story's the perfect metaphor for the Administration.

The VP, who ran a sneering "Kerry just hunts for the photo-op" campaign in 2004, shoots and critically wounds a billionaire while hunting at a Bush Pioneer's "raise and release" shooting ranch for rich guys who hunt out of SUVs, with a "girlie man" shotgun, while violating just about every NRA hunting safty rule in the book, and the White House doesn't tell anyone about the shooting until the Pioneer ranch owner blabs to a local scribe 18 hours later, with a completely dismissive, spin machine crafted description of the "unfortunate accident." --my account

There it is. Create the image. Demean your opponents. Fabricate a controlled situation. Over-estimate your ability. Fuck up royally. Cover up the facts with lies from a lackey to make yourself look better.

The Bush/Cheney Administration in a nutshell.

I'm waiting for the final step; the White House release of a terrorism story to knock it off the front page.

[UPDATE]Here's what hunters are saying.

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