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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NOW we get a Strategy to Win the War?

From Think Progress:

From today’s White House pool report:
Scott gaggled on AF1 and yes, he gave a preview of tomorrow’s speech on the war. Among the hightlights [sic], the WH will be releasing an unclassified “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.” He said they hope to have it out by 6:30 a.m.
Question: Shouldn’t we have had a “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq” before the war started?

I wonder what NEW initiatives we are going to hear from the preznet.

In honor of Devilstower's must read diary, I doubt it will be a well considered analytical step by step approach to carefully withdraw the US military from Iraq. I also doubt it will have the security of the Iraqi and American people as its center piece of consideration.

How can we trust this administration, who so thoughtlessly lead the world into this mess to extract us from it with nuance and intelligence? How can we trust anything that comes from the White House to be more than arrogant political cover? Their history has taught us the screeming answer.

Sad and pathetic. If someone with some sense doesn't take over soon, we are really going to be in trouble, because leaving Iraq is going to be far more dangerous than invading it.

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