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Monday, October 31, 2005



What if there was a place you could go where you were the star of the show -- where the voice of the community shared the front page with the site’s full-time writers?

What if you there was a place where you could not only contribute your own views but also help to determine the content produced by the community as a whole? What if this place ran like a Democracy?

What if there was a place where higher thought and mutual respect combined with a culture of independent, investigative journalism to present a new paradigm in online netroots media?

And what if there was a place that put together a talented group of core bloggers – and then nudged them to the side to make room for the voice of the community within which they gathered?

These are the questions we asked ourselves. And this site is our response.

We hope Political Cortex can be that place.


The first thought that probably pops into many people’s heads is, “What makes Political Cortex any different form all the rest?” That’s a valid question, and one we considered when putting this site together.

That’s why we strove to remove the community from the periphery and placed it center stage on the front page.

That’s why we implemented a Blog Democracy via a special community editing and voting process unique to the political blogosphere.

That’s why we’ve incorporated new and original features such as Keyword Tags, advanced diary voting, and “Quick Posting”.

That’s why we forego cross-posting in order to encourage a bold and unique voice for the Cortex community.

And that’s why we hope to foster a culture of journalistic Independence that inspires a new generation of bold truth-seekers.

Featured Writers:

Al Rodgers
Frederick Clarkson
Bill Hare
S.M. Dixon
sdf (Stu)
Bob Kendall
Drew Johnston
Tom Ball

Official Launch will be Sunday, October 30, 2005: 10:00 PM EST

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