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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What must they be thinking?

As I've watched the The Incredible Shrinking President over the past month or so, one thing has crept into my mind. "What must Poppy and Bar be thinking?"

After all, they've seen this chain of events occur over and over in the past 50 years with George, Jr. They bail him out of trouble, get some friends to fork over a job or some money and watch as he, once again, completely screws it all up. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Except, this time, it's in front of the entire world, and millions of people's lives are being ruined by little George's latest "in-over-his-head-adventure." It was never supposed to be this way. Jeb was the one. He was the smart one who would make a go of it, fix his father's mistakes and serve his mother's insatiable need for sterling achievement.

They must have known how it was all going to turn out. After all, everything W. has touched has turned to crap. Couldn't even serve out a couple of years flying planes over Dallas during the Vietnam War. Ran an oil business or two into the ground, lost an easy congressional election and finally found his nitch sitting in a ball park, drinkng beers, glad-handing the male fans and gladly-handling a few of the female ones. He swaggered through a couple of years ruining the state of Texas and now...the big time. He's out-done himself. He's brought the entire globe to the brink of military confrontation and economic collapse.

Yep. What must they be thinking? I only wish they had spoken up before all this happened and sent him to his room when he said he was "gonna run for prezdent."

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