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Saturday, September 24, 2005

This and That

By way of Kid Oakland, my favorite blogger, comes this interesting post by Ripley at The Zen Cabin. He has unearthed some an interesting BYU connection within the Bush Administration that bears watching.

My feelings about this war have been complex and altogether twisting in the wind. After all, this is an extremely difficult predicament Bush has engineered. Billmon has articulated better than I my feelings with his incredible, Heart of Darkness. Required reading on this September 24, 2005.

XicanoPwr has been doing some award winning blogging on Hurricane Rita at ePluribus Media. His commentary, Inside Hurricane Rita is great stuff.

Finally, my song-writing partner, UNCMark, and I have written a new tune titled, Two Tales of America. I'll have a version up soon. It's the main reason for my hiatus.

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